collage is my favourite thing right now. Here's some I have made.


A self-indulgent, slow-growing series about (my) identity and archaeology.


Occasionally I go through and scan a bunch of my sketchbook pages and post them on my blog

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das heraufbeschwören von moorleichen

A little manifesto on queer things that come out of the peat.

boredom books

one makes do with the tools at hand.

little creatures

In 2017 I made two little colouring books, called 10 kleine Viecher and Beafts. You can still buy them through Gumroad or by contacting me directly.

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your lover is dead

A single-session story game for two players, exploring the relationship between a couple separated by death or a similarly devastating boundary. Available to purchase on

Written with Eli Dobromylskyj.

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Hauke Corposant

It's pronounced /ˈhaʊ̯kə/
they/them [EN]; hen/hens/hem/hen [DE]

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