collage is my favourite thing right now, which means that everything I do is absolutely impossible to digitise. Here's some I have made, anyway, please look at them

the bog bodies series (ongoing)

permatrace (ongoing)



little creatures

in 2017 I made two little colouring books, called 10 kleine Viecher and Beafts. You can still buy them through Gumroad or by contacting me directly.

these are not maps

by me and Eli Dobromylskyj. forthcoming.


Occasionally I go through and scan a bunch of my sketchbook pages and post them on my blog

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your lover is dead

A single-session story game for two players, exploring the relationship between a couple separated by death or a similarly devastating boundary.

Written with Eli Dobromylskyj.

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Hauke Corposant

It's pronounced /ˈhaʊ̯kə/
they/them [EN]; hen/hens/han/ham [DE]

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